Tesla Motors’ goal is to design a sports car that would go as fast as a Ferrari or Porsche — but run on electricity. Their first model, “a sleek two-seater called the Roadster” looking something like “a Lotus Elise”, will be unveiled next month for prospective buyers in Santa Monica.

“With about 80 employees, Tesla just raised $40 million from high-profile investors and it plans to start selling its first model next year.”…

At least three Silicon Valley startups — Tesla Motors, Wrightspeed Inc. and battery maker Li-on Cells — are among a small cadre of companies nationwide developing electric cars or components. (CBS.com)

See also the GNN-i report introducing the Tango, another sporty two-seater, made by Commuter Cars, Inc., that George Clooney bought for himself. (195 Miles per Gallon, Zero to 60 in Four seconds… The Electric Supercar is Here!)

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