Two compassionate high school basketball players did something so unusual, it may be a first… but it really is the definition of sportsmanship.

They played on a team from a private school in Waco, Texas. They knew ahead of time that their opponents, the Gainesville Tornadoes, would have no one cheering for them — and virtually empty stands on their side of the gym – because they would there on release from a juvenile detention facility.

The two players from Vanguard College Prep – Hudson Bradley and Ben Martinson – asked their fans for a favor: To cheer for Gainesville instead.

Half the crowd was assigned to cheer for The Tornadoes. But as the game went on, everybody started to cheer for Gainesville.

(WATCH the Steve Hartman video or READ the story from CBS)

*NOTE: Apologies to international viewers who might not be allowed to view the CBS video here (another version of the same story is below.)

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