Editor’s BlogGet ready and mark your calendars for a night that may change your financial future. (This isn’t hype.) If you are a U.S. homeowner, you must take a serious look at the program that I am calling the best good news story of 2007. Your mortgage company doesn’t want you to know about this — they’d rather collect thousands more from you in interest. Next Monday evening, December 10, I will present perhaps the most important Great Mentors tele-seminar of the year: Home Free! Pay Off Your Mortgage Years Earlier and Save Tons of Interest with No Extra Hardship. I want you to do three things…

I wrote a story about this program on the Good News Network, and I’m not quieting down regarding this topic until everyone looks at the information. Number one, I want you to read this story.

Right now, more than 20,000 Americans are paying down their mortgage years ahead of schedule and saving a ton of interest without any hardship at all. Owning a home debt-free while you are still young is now a reality with a new program (the MMA), based on a principle that’s been in practice for ten years in Australia and Europe — where it has been used to pay off mortgages much quicker — and it is now finally being made available to the U.S. market.

I know this does sound “too good to be true”, but so did the telephone, television, and air travel when they were first introduced!

One week from tonight, Dec 10, the Good News Network is presenting a free tele-seminar to answer your questions about this tool, which can help you start achieving your financial goals NOW. My guest on the tele-seminar phone call will be Scott Nobiga, a branch manager of the company, United First Financial (U1st). Scott has set up a special web page for you to go to right now, and get started by watching a video that will give you the basics, at Thinkbeyondmortgages.com/goodnews/

We also are joining a video webinar during our tele-seminar, for the majority of us who can watch a computer the same time as we are on the phone. (If you are going to be away from a computer during the seminar, then, be SURE to watch the video at the link above. Otherwise, sign up here at GoToMeeting to join our video Webinar.

(GoToMeeting only uses your email to send a reminder and a phone number. There is no mailing list you are placed on.) GoToMeeting has their own phone number for the audio portion, but you WILL NOT NEED IT. We will be dialing the usual Great Mentors telephone line to listen to the audio. We will be viewing the video on our computers at the same time. Afterward, we’ll talk with Scott, a company representative and he can answer all our questions. (Sign up for the Great Mentors program if you haven’t already so you can get out phone number and access code.)

THIS program is great for WORKING CLASS homeowners. If you want to save thousands of dollars in interest (to finally take that vacation!), and get out from under the burden of your mortgage much sooner, then you must do three things. The time you spend could change your financial future AND those of your loved ones.

  1. Read the story about this program on the Good News Network. You will hear testimony from people it has helped and from those who have studied it.
  2. Once you’ve done that, watch the video that explains how the program works (at the link below) Thinkbeyondmortgages.com/goodnews/
  3. Sign up for the video portion of the tele-seminar at GoToMeeting, and call In to our tele-seminar next Monday to get all your questions answered. (BUT, you MUST do the above 2 things first!)

Monday, December 10
9:00 PM (Eastern) (6:00 PM Pacific)

Great Mentors Tele-seminar #5: Home Free! Pay Off Your Mortgage Years Earlier and Save Tons of Interest – With No Extra Hardship

* E-mail your questions in advance to Geri and Scott
* Dial-in Number for LIVE Seminar: (641) 715-3200
* Participant Access Code: 920659#

** Watch your Inbox for updates for this tele-seminar. We may change the telephone number this week (as we had trouble with this company’s service recently).

Don’t forget to get started TODAY on doing these 3 things:
1) Read the GNN story
2) Watch the video linked to from the story
3) Mark your Calendars for NEXT Monday, 9:00 PM Eastern, and join us for Q & A about the “Best Good News Story of 2007.”

Visit Great Mentoring.com for more info on all our audio programs.

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