snowy-tree.jpgI just want to say that we can all seek magical moments, even in the midst of winter.

A group of us met on the phone last night for a LIVE Great Mentors tele-seminar with Carol Adrienne, a beloved life coach. Even though both Carol and I were dealing with throat and nose concerns, in some phase of a head cold, our symptoms fell to the background as we began connecting on the very personal level that these tele-seminars provide.

Thanks to Carol and all the wonderful people on the call who asked questions — were mentored by Carol — and shared their wonder.

To hear the free recorded call (a 70-minute program delivered via US phone number) or more information about signing up to learn about my Great Mentors tele-seminars, check out

There, you can download a previous program for free and listen on your computer or ipod, as my New Year gift to you. The program featured David Neagle, a success coach, delivering the Secrets of the Mind-Money Connection. (Just scroll down to see David’s picture.)


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