He became known as the “Toilet Paper Guy.”

Leon Delong figured out that Seattle’s office buildings were discarding toilet paper rolls at the end of the day that were small but still had a quarter of the paper.

It bothered him, so the retired man asked the janitors to collect the stub rolls, rather than throwing them away. Then Leon delivered them to food banks.

“By the time he got pneumonia last month and called it quits at age 76, Leon was collecting partial rolls of toilet paper from nearly one-quarter of the Class A office space in downtown Seattle — hauling three heaping pickup loads every two weeks.”

“The food bank vows to keep the program going, with other drivers,” the Seattle Times reports.

(READ the story in the Seattle Times)


Photo credit – emdot / Story tip from Judy


  1. Thank you for sharing the story. As a person who has used food stamps and pantries, I can tell you this is no small gift!

    A lot of people assume that food stamps can be used for just about everything in the grocery store, but that’s not so; they’re strictly limited to food. I always found it confounding that I could have used them to fill my cart up with candy bars and processed food but couldn’t buy a bar of soap or, yes, a roll of toilet paper. Well, one can live without soap, but….

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