Australia — The ethanol industry in Queensland reached a major milestone, with more than 200 service stations now offering drivers the choice of renewable ethanol-blended fuels. There has been a five-fold increase in the number of outlets supplying ethanol-blended fuels thanks to the Queensland Ethanol Industry Action Plan launched in November 2005.

Premier Beattie announced that together, the 200 +e fuel stations now represent 16 percent of the 1,300 service stations in the Queensland state.

“City dwellers have the greatest opportunity to purchase +e fuels with 60 percent of the total +e service stations.”

“Through the Government’s $7.3 million Queensland Ethanol Industry Action Plan 2005-2007, $4.8 million has been allocated to the Queensland Ethanol Conversion Initiative to enable independent and major retailers make ethanol- blended fuels more accessible to motorists.

“The initiative has been important in assisting fuel distributors overcome the additional expense incurred for blending infrastructure, storage facilities and transport of ethanol-blended fuel,” he said.

State Development Minister John Mickel said the benefits of using ethanol-blended fuels were also being promoted to Queensland motorists through the ongoing +e marketing campaign, which aims to educate motorists about the benefits of using renewable fuels.

“The +e Ethanol Powered by Nature campaign aims to increase consumption of safe, renewable ethanol-blended fuel in Queensland by informing and educating motorists,” Mr Mickel said.

Independent research commissioned by the Beattie Government shows that attitudes towards ethanol-blended fuel are changing. 42 percent of survey respondents are regularly fuelling up on ethanol blended fuel and most who try the fuel use it more than once.

Sixty percent of Queenslanders also recognise the environmental benefits from using ethanol-blended fuel, which is made from sugar cane or grains such as sorghum or wheat.

Mr. Mickel called on Queensland’s motorists to help drive this growth by filling up with ethanol-blended fuel.

Motorists are encouraged to check their vehicle’s compatibility with ethanol-blended fuel by contacting their manufacturer or visiting the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries Web site

For a list of Queensland service stations retailing ethanol-blended fuel visit the ‘+e Ethanol Powered by Nature’ Web site at

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