rosesWebMD has a neat list of 22 energy boosters to bring more lift to your life. The likely suspects are listed, like drink plenty of water and eat breakfast, but there are others, like playing some tunes, giving up the sweat suits for clothes that make you feel successful, and decluttering a corner, that you may not think of. Science backs up the notion that what you feel in your body has a lot more to do with what’s in your MIND than we used to believe. Thanks Andrew, for the link!


  1. “Giving up the sweat suits for clothes that make you feel successful.” Hmmmm, find that an interesting suggestion. I like the idea of de-cluttering a corner, seems less overwhelming. I’d rather take a nap than clean anytime.

    My mom always tells me that how we keep our houses is how we keep our minds. It sounds like my mom wasnâ??t too off the mark. We totally agree she and I have monkey minds – completely cluttered with art projects and sentiment. 🙂

  2. LOL,

    Art projects and sentiment can be very good things to dwell on !

    I do take naps if I’m feeling down sometimes.

    The decluttering the corner worked bangbusters on Tuesday when I was cleaning before a party. I felt so great after de-cluttering that sunroom!

    Thanks, Selena…

  3. Everyone,

    The positive psychology news website features daily essays that are so helpful that I’ve featured them here…. GOOD advice for how to manage all sorts of stress or if you are ever feeling down.
    The articles are all written by positive psychology researchers and masters students.

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