Medical Diagnostic-scientist-founder-SA-malaria-test

Bill Gates’s foundation has poured millions of dollars into eradicating malaria, which still claims hundreds of thousands of lives each year.

Now, a South African biotechnologist-turned-enterpreneur has developed a self-testing kit that can diagnose malaria in less than 30 minutes, and put sufferers on the path to recovery faster – and cheaper.

The best think about Uys’ test is the price: they cost roughly 30 cents each, a fact his company, Medical Diagnostic, takes immense pride in.

“I looked at developing a malaria test that can actually show you the strain of malaria you have — the type of malaria — so (doctors) know which treatment to give you, and then also to see if the treatment is working or not,” Ashley Uys told CNN. “So I developed a test that can do all of that.”

(WATCH the video below or READ the story from CNN)

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