A concerned mother’s Facebook plea is helping ease the grief of a young boy who lost his father.

When four-year-old Wyatt Revels’ daddy died in January, Alysha Starling posted a message to other mothers in her Fayetteville, North Carolina Gymboree group asking for notes of support. She opened a post office box to collect their cards and words of encouragement that might arrive.

When a local reporter from WTVD heard about the family, she posted online asking her audience to mail cards to Wyatt. The post was shared by thousands and folks across the world have been sending him letters, stickers, and stuffed animals ever since.


Each time the boy receive a package from a different U.S. state or country, they mark the location on a map of the world.Wyatt_Revels_Boy__Packages_Help_Cope_With_Father_Death_LettersForWyatt-FB

Starling says that Wyatt doesn’t understand the magnitude of what’s happening, but he looks forward to the trip to the post office every day, where there is now a special area set aside for his mail due to the huge volume of gifts.

Celebrities have also participated. TV’s ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ shared the story to numerous followers on social media, and Sugarland singer Kristian Bush sent Wyatt a guitar pick.

Starling says this process has been therapeutic for her as well, having lost her own father at age 11. The mother of two, who also has five-month-old daughter, is amazed by the generosity of strangers.

But Wyatt calls everyone who sends him a card his “best friend.”

(WATCH the video below or READ the story from WTVD)

Photo Credits: Letters For Wyatt – Facebook

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