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The Good News Network has just launched a new web page — a way for YOU to share your good news with the GNN community. It’s a directory of all the good sites, people, products and enlightened services, together in one place!

The best part is GNN readers can advertise — or pay tribute to their own good things — while supporting the Good News Network at the same time. It’s called 500goodthings.com.

Whether it benefits the mind, body, spirit, home, or business, your good is worth sharing and what better community of readers, than the network of GNN for a target… 

You can’t beat the value of being associated with the Good News Network. Our traffic is upwards of 175,000 views per month and growing rapidly.

When you purchase a link on 500 Good Things you’ve gained access to our growing network of inspired readers for the promotion of your product or service. Or, you’ve chosen to help fund the Good News Network operations for the coming year by paying tribute to an honored person or charity in your life, through the purchase of a link to their web site or photo.

Basic Link Costs Only $25.00

A basic link on 500 Good Things costs only $25.00 for multiple years. We have no plans to ever take the links down. We want the list to grow and expand. Add color, and size to the link to make it stand out, or a descriptive Mouse-over text that expresses the service, product, or event that you want to share.

If yours is a business with an audience similar to that of the Good News Network, this advertising choice is a no-brainer. Each month more than 2,000 people look for good news in search engines finding Good News Network in the #1 spot on Google. So we get new traffic all the time. The colorful banner linking to 500 Good Things from every page on GNN will constantly deliver new viewers in search of good stuff.

If you don’t have a product or service to promote, please consider buying a year’s tribute link to a photo of your favorite person, family, or best employee or to a web site for your favorite charity. If you want to show your thanks for all the good GNN has brought into your life, visit 500 Good Things and get yourself on the list.

For instance, the graphics designer who volunteered to do the banner for 500 Good Things contributed artistry and time, and for that JD is now one of 500 Good Things, linked as "Friendly Web Designer".

This directory will fill up quickly, so become 1 of 500 today! Your purchase ensures your access to our growing audiences — both newsletter and Web — for a year, taking advantage of double-digit growth rates for both in every month.

Most importantly for the Good News Network family, any purchase helps ensure that GNN has the funds to continue paying computer programmers in 2007 for maintaining the site and adding more features, like events calendars and podcasts.

One idea I had is to pay tribute to your wife, your kids, or your guru, by putting THEM on the list of good things. Just link to a photo of them, and entitle the link, Best Kids in the World, or Best Employee in the World.

I think 500 Good Things is not only a cool list made by our own readers, but the perfect match of advertising, fundraising, and promotion. It provides a way for us ALL to share our good — while supporting each other, growing our businesses, and driving traffic to our sites.

May good bless us all, with this new venture,

Editor, Publisher, Good News Network
Creator, 500 Good Things: A directory for the mind, heart, soul, home and business


  1. So simple, yet so needed…
    Dear Geri,

    What can I say? Are you cool, or what? That is one wonderful way to use the internet to spread the so needed good news and showing the good of people and the planet too…I am a fan already…as you know! Goodnewsnetwork is a brilliant legacy of how you can shine by being not only good to you but others…Thanks for that..

    Pascal Gillon

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