acronyms.jpgJust like we can choose to take the stairs, rather than the elevator, and strengthen our bodies, we can alter our thinking and create the reality we want. A new columnist on GNN-i joins us every Friday. Today we look at our results when we COMPLAIN, and Jack gives us a helpful acronym to reframe our thinking — and our complaining — so we can build the life we want.

My acronym for complain is: C.O.M.P.L.A.I.N. Creating Only More Problems Living Always in Negativity.

This acronym reveals to me the nature of my attention and how I influence my day to day living by what I focus upon. Complaining is a learned practice that uses a form of discussion to bring about sympathy from a listener. The results of my complaining ends with nothing resolved, or worse, a kind of helplessness arising out of a closing statement such as “That’s just the way life is.”

The cycle and practice of complaining usually continues with the next person you meet at another time and place.

As I began to observe myself and others complaining I became aware that we are giving attention to our present moment perception by stating only one side of a situation, in this case the negative or challenging side of the story. In time I realized that as long as I continued this cycle of complaining I would continue to resist a solution to my situation.

But what am I really resisting? The situation, or a choice to be made in that situation? Is there a choice that would resolve it, yet I avoid it, finding ease and comfort in complaining rather than make a choice to change it?

Complaining is a condition of non-action that instructs the Universe to continue to put obstacles in my path. It is a choice that forfeits my divine right to claim a better future. At first I thought others learned to take advantage of the situation, in a kind of parasitic relationship, but eventually I realized they were not taking advantage of me. I was allowing it. A parasite cannot attach itself to a host unless the host is susceptible to it.

When I find myself complaining I realize now that I have forgotten to make a choice and begun the practice of resisting the making of one. My beautifully creative mind then creates a one-sided story about why I cannot make a choice: “That’s just the way life is”. The result was I chose not to choose and fooled myself into thinking I have no choice!

Complaining is a reminder that when I choose not to choose I create only more problems, living always in negativity.

Next weeks acronym is B.L.A.M.E.

Listen to Jack’s soothing voice as he describes more powerful acronyms on his website
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