acronyms.jpgPushing TRUTH away is much like trying to push a beach ball under the water, the more you push it down, the stronger it wants to resurface and hit you in the face. Here is an acronym to reframe your thinking about lies.

The acronym for today is: L.I.E. (Living In Exile)

Every time I LIE to myself or to others, I force my personal truth into exile. This was a profound realization for me.

To LIE is to ignore my intuition, the inner voice that naturally guides me to what is appropriate for me. Reason, logic and compromise may try to take its place, but the results of my choices are words and actions that are not in alignment with what I desire to create in my life (happiness, success and fulfillment).

Happiness, success and fulfillment in relationships could not be achieved as long as I continued to choose Living In Exile. In fact what I did attract in my life were brief moments of happiness, short lived businesses ventures and dating people who were also Living In Exile.

I found that Living In Exile required  a large amount of mental energy. I had to constantly keep record of what I told to whom and when. I became a master weaver of storytelling, exaggerations and outright fabrications.  Making sure that my web of deceit remained consistent through all my social circles. Living In Exile was consuming me, perpetuating into deeper and deeper unknown territories of alienating who I AM.

The choice of Living In Exile is to choose to build a set of rationalizations on a foundation of sand, as I continued to build my tower of denial it was just a matter of time, the time for either a higher skilled weaver of deceit to trick me or for my own web to fail and my personal truth revealed. A double edged sword reality that I chose to create were consuming my thoughts, words and actions and further perpetuating the perpetration of Living In Exile.

Eventually the choice of Living In Exile came crashing down around me with lost and bitter ending relationships, failed businesses and in time, homeless…

Months later I remember waking one morning in the back of my 1988 GMC conversion van.  I was in the Fredricksburg Virginia shopping plaza, parked under a buzzing light in a Wal-Mart parking lot. For the first time in my life my mind was quiet, at rest and clear.  I remember eating breakfast out of my cooler and peeking through the curtains to see cars moving, people walking and life continuing as it always does.

It was then I realized that Living In Gratitude Harmony Truth (L.I.G.H.T.)  was so much easier than my other choices of living. It is a day to day practice, because of my old habits of Living In Exile were still there. Now I honor and thank them because I am aware of the results they bring when chosen.

My choices of thoughts, words and actions to force TRUTH away will always create an equal and opposite force of bringing it back to me. The stress of this resistance is not present when I choose to Live In Gratitude Harmony Truth.

So again the choice is yours, do you choose Living in Exile? Or choose Living In Gratitude Harmony Truth?

Next week’s acronym is D.E.N.I.A.L.

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