Facebook announced earlier this year that it was changing how its users see content on their news feeds.

Facebook is now prioritizing posts from friends and family over viral content or posts from news publishers. If you like seeing GNN posts on Facebook, we urge you to change an option in your Settings.

There is a feature called, “See First”, which will boost certain posts to the top of your feed (or, in this case, show stories that wouldn’t be there at all). If you log-in and go to our GNN Facebook page, look just below the GOOD HAPPENS banner, and look for the Follow button. If you hover or tap, you will notice the option to SEE First. It will look something like the drop-down menu in the image below, depending if you have already Liked and Followed our page.

Reports this week show Facebook usage dropped by “roughly 50 million hours every day” — or 5%—since those changes went into effect.

Maybe Aunt Millie’s dog pictures are not as engaging as Zuckerberg thought…

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