Aiden art graphic for fundraising- AidforAiden.wordpress.comOnline social networking and internet marketing sites saved a family whose child has leukemia from financial ruin. So far Aidan Reed, 5, and his family have sold more than 4,500 prints of his crayon and marker drawings of monsters and other creepy characters.

On Sept. 11, 5 year-old Aidan was diagnosed with leukemia. With the family struggling to pay hospital co-pays and deductibles for chemotherapy, a relative stepped forward with the idea of selling Aiden’s artwork on the crafts website, Etsy.

Once word spread across the Web and Facebook, sales climbed into the tens of thousands of dollars —$12 at a time.

To donate, and learn more, visit the AidForAiden blog

(READ more in the Wichita Eagle)

Thanks to Diane McCartney for submitting the link!

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