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An amateur golfer is credited with playing what’s being considered the greatest round of golf ever, after sinking three holes-in-one in a single round.

Patrick Wills accomplished the feat during a tournament in Quantico, Virginia, on June 22.

While several players have scored two aces in a single round (during 18-holes of golf), this is believed to have been the first time anyone – professional or amateur – has been confirmed to hit three holes-in-one in a round.

The odds of three aces in a single round are greater than winning the Powerball and Megamillion lotteries on the same day: two billion to one.Victor Espinoza-triple-crown-winner-youtube

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Scoring a hole-in-one is nothing new for the 59-year-old Wills — the three brought his lifetime total to 25 —but the chances are 5,000-to-one for a player of Wills’ caliber to hit just a single hole-in-one.

Wills once thought about becoming a pro-golfer, but joined the U.S. Marine Corps instead. He again toyed with the idea after he left the service, but put his golf dreams on hold to take care of his wife as she dealt with health issues.

With a round like this one, he may have to rethink that a third time—after all, three seems to be his lucky number.

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