anti-stab-knife.gifMost knives used in attacks are from the kitchen. But soon, the first “anti-stab” knife will go on sale in Britain  designed to work like normal on vegetables, but be ineffective as a weapon.

The knife has a unique “combination tip” pairing a dull rounded front edge with a blade for cutting that is tucked underneath.

(Read more in the BBC)



    C’mon, now. when i first read about this “knife” i thought it was a joke. i thought someone in england was FINALLY poking fun (pun intented) at the P.C., anti-self-defense, pro-police state crowd (and there is one, and it is legion).

    the natural response is, “What’s next? Banning HANDS?” you know, almost every violent crime is committed with a HAND, isn’t it?? If we just gain controll and regulation of those HANDS, we’d ALL be SOO safe…



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