Polly the rescue goat suffers from anxiety, just like humans do – but she deals with it by wearing a duck suit.

After little Polly was rescued by Goats of Anarchy, a New Jersey-based rescue organization that cares for neurologically challenged baby goats, she was diagnosed with mental anxiety.

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Since the goat was usually comforted by the feeling of being swaddled in a blanket, her caregiver Leanna Lauricella figured a costume would be no different. That’s when she started treating Polly’s anxiety attacks by zipping her up in the cozy little duck pajama suit.

Though Leanna has received some online criticsm from viewers believing that the suit would cause anxiety rather than cure it, the goat expert insists that Polly is a special case with special needs.

You can follow Polly’s adorable exploits by following Goats of Anarchy Instagram and Twitter pages.

(WATCH the video below)


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