“A brave young boy decided to have his right leg amputated in November to avoid a lifetime in a wheelchair and so that he could run and jump like normal kids. On Friday, glowing with pride, Nick Nelson showed off his new prosthetic leg and the mobility and freedom it has given him. With the cameras rolling, 9-year-old Nick made a grand entrance, scampering across the TODAY Show’s New York studio.” (Video from MSNBC)


  1. Wow, what a story. What a tough choice he had to make, at a time when most of us just have to decide what kind of latte we will have. So many of us have this laundry list of things we say we need and then we will be happy, and although I didn’t see his face on the TV show, I can bet he is happier now than many of us will ever be with two legs. Thanks Geri, that one came at the right time for me, Ed Smith http://www.brightmoment.com

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