baby-in-diapers.jpgRead this story about a 1 year old baby found alive after spending a night in the woods in Quebec. It’s still pretty cold here. The fact that he survived and was in good condition is, I think, a miracle! 

(Read the story in Toronto Star)


  1. I usually don’t put up stories like this. After reading this, I had a bad feeling, rather then a ‘hurray’ feeling.

    But, I wondered, since Michelle liked the story, how many other people would say, YES, add this kind of story.

    Any thoughts?

    I did a poll about the NY plane crash that landed in the water with all surviving, and I guess about a quarter of the people said they’d rather not see that kind of story here (and some said they weren’t sure). And that one, I thought, was more positive than this one…

  2. This is a Good News story. The Baby survived, the searchers succeeded, the father is ill and getting help. Just because we are trying to remain positive wanting to hear good news does not mean we have to delude ourselves entirely.
    For example- the young woman taking over the orphanage is a great story. The background to it is poverty, AIDS, death and abandoned children- but the young woman is our Good News.
    In the lost/abandoned child story we have the police officer and other searchers are our Good News.

    Geri- you are doing a great job letting us start our days in an oasis of hope.
    Thank you,

  3. I would say maybe post this kind of story every once in awhile if one comes up. For me, it’s not quite the type of Good News I like to read. While yes, this story had a happy ending, there seemed to be a general unhappy tone to it.

  4. It just depends whether the reader wants to focus on the negative…what the father did to this child…or the positive…the amazing surviving spirit of a child and the joy of a happy ending to the story. I think overall this story is a hopeful one and it makes people feel good; happy for the child and his mother and happy for the constable who was able to help save a child. Thank you Geri.

  5. I think the story in The Star could have been written differently, with a more positive tone to leave the reader with a hopeful outlook. But regardless of how it was written, I think it does belong here in Good News Network. I’m left with an image of the rescuer and the baby, a sense of the bond between these two, a feeling of strong paternal love and human compassion that propelled the rescuer as he felt the urgency of the situation. In the end, this is a story about the baby and his rescuer (plus all the others who took part in the search) and the higher love of the human spirit.

  6. The spirit of the baby and the rescuer is where I focused in this story – how grateful that mom must have been that her son was alive and well! These people will remember this incident until the day they die and I envision the mom telling her son ‘The angels kept you alive that cold winter night – you are here for a very special reason.’ Everyone involved in the rescue will Thank God (or the Universe or the deity of their choice) that the baby survived – truly a miracle.

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