This bald eagle is making a miraculous recovery just in time for Independence Day.

The bird was found injured and having trouble breathing in Washington D.C., earlier this week.

It was also unable to fly because of the thunderstorms in the area.

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After it was rescued by the Humane Rescue Alliance, however, it has since become “bright and alert”.

Officials suspect that the eagle’s previous health problems were due to stress.

“Yesterday, the bird spent a restful day at City Wildlife and even ate a meal. Eating is always an encouraging sign,” said the Humane Rescue Alliance on Monday. “The eagle is being transferred to another specialty center for continued diagnostics, continued care if needed and to be flight tested.

“City Wildlife reports that it’s their hope the eagle gets a clean bill of health, so it can be returned to its home in Washington, DC and released,” they added.

(WATCH the video below)

Fly This Story To Your FriendsPhoto by City Wildlife

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