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This senior dog named Bear is waking up to a whole new life this morning; one that is comforting, warm, and filled with the love and attention that had been absent throughout his entire life up until this point.

Having spent 15 years chained up to a dog house in a Suffolk County, New York backyard, doing his best to survive harsh winters with little to no care, one call to the animal rescue group Guardians of Rescue changed his life and helped him find freedom.

”We received a call about a dog in need of a dog house,” stated Robert Misseri, founder and president of Guardians of Rescue (GOR). “But when we got there, it was even worse than that. That’s when we discovered the poor dog had spent his whole life attached to a heavy chain. We knew then and there that we had to do something to make a difference in that dog’s life, and so we did.”

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GOR spoke with the dog’s owner, who agreed to surrender the canine to the rescue group. The group happily took ownership of the hound – who they report was all bark and no bite – and decided to ensure that the rest of his life will be lived in comfort.

Bear was cut free from his heavy chain, loaded into the front seat of a pickup, and was taken to the spa for proper grooming. From there, the group will find him a loving forever home where he can enjoy the time he has left.

“Our mission is to help rescue as many animals as we can, but we can’t do it without the help of the community,” added Misseri. “One phone call from someone in the community set the wheels in motion that have changed Bear’s life. That’s a true success story and why we exist.”

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Guardians of Rescue has a new show called “The Guardians,” which airs on Animal Planet on Saturday’s at 10 pm EST.

The community can assist GOR by watching out for pets in need and contacting the organization when they see animals in distress. Guardians of Rescue provides medical care, food, shelter, and foster-home placements. They are also instrumental in providing service dogs to veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

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