neagle-weis-balto.jpgOne of the Great Mentors featured in my tele-seminar program — David Neagle, the “Income Acceleration Coach” who gave us the ‘Secrets of the Mind-Money Connection’ — is offering a full-day FREE seminar in Baltimore tomorrow, June 7. I will be there. (Read More)

So let’s meet up for happy hour after the seminar! Call my toll-free number to meet up, 1-866 Good News. . . But, you have to register first – Click here for info about the seminar,  “a sincere, information-packed day designed to teach you how to achieve success,”  so says one attendee of his LA seminar.

(I’m aiming to get there at 7 am for pre-show chatting! I’m already meeting one fellow GNN member) You will love listening and learning from David. (More on my Great Mentors page here)

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