neagle-weis-balto.jpgIT was wonderful to go see income acceleration coach (and Great Mentor) David Neagle in a daylong free seminar yesterday. Especially fulfilling was meeting some Good News Network members for lunch.

Jane, Phil and Linda provided me with insights, ideas and friendship and they went home with a “Good Happens” canvas bag. We all went home with more inspiration about how to LET IN the abundance and an intention to look at who we are being, instead of what we are doing, to allow all the brilliance in. Anyone who was new to David’s seminar was blown away by the heft of information and insight given to the audience.

neagle-weis-balto.jpgThe seminar was a preview for David’s Experience the Reality of Success seminar (to which I went last year) and I highly recommend it for anyone who has issues with money or beliefs about limitations that are holding them back.

GET A FREE DOWNLOAD OF David’s 3-part Art of Success workshop — the one that started me down the path to success.

Highly Recommended: David’s 4-day Experience the Reality of Success Seminar, delivered twice per year. Get all the details on his website- Click here .


  1. Hi – is it just me or is there a reason that i am directed to the subscription page everytime i click on anything? I believe that i already subscribed, but even in the midst of submitting my subscription, as i recall, i kept getting redirected to the subscription page like it is some kind of on-line jail. Is this the bug that you refer to from time to time?

  2. Hey Marsh,

    The only reason one would keep getting the subscription page is if they were not signed up for either a FREE 30-day trial, or a paid subscription, or if they were not logged in (likewise if their subscription had elapsed or expired).

    In your case, it is the former. You’re not signed up for either free or trial. Here are some easy steps for signing up, signing in, and getting your daily dose of good news!

    Log-in to the site (in upper right corner) with username and password.
    You should see, Hi Username…

    Then, under MY MENU in the same user area, click MY SUBSCRIPTIONS –> and then, in the main window you will see –> Add/Edit Subscriptions… Choose a plan and follow the directions.

    — To add to your profile, change password, or see your forum posts –> MY MENU, click MY PROFILE
    Position your mouse over the big EDIT button on the main page, and choose, Change my Profile.
    (and, then, Contact Info tab)

    ** If you have trouble loggin in, or seeing stories, try this:

    Some browsers need you to REFRESH (or Reload) because the log-in may not have “taken hold”.

  3. Geri, I still cannot open headlines. I have not sent my subscription money yet because I want to be able to use your page before sending it. I have a user name and password and can log on but each time I click on an article heading it doesn’t work. Please advise.

  4. Chul,

    You signed up to send a check for a one-year subscription. Your access doesn’t begin until we get a check. It says right on the page that you did that, that you should sign up for the free trial, so you can read the good news while your check is in transit.

    Free trials are for trials. If anyone wants to try it out, use that plan. If you are ready to pay, use that plan.

    Ch, you should go to MY SUBSCRIPTIONS on the right after you log-in, and look for the link that says Click to Add/Edit Subs… Choose the free plan, then, hit submit.

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