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Ellen and Bob Wallace have built a strong marriage over 41 yrs. Not only have they raised children together, they have worked side by side seven days a week to build a business. “She runs half the company; she is my best friend, she is my everything.”

Two weeks ago, they found out her uterine cancer has spread.

“It was just my worst day,” said Bob, who was hoping the chemotherapy and radiation begun in February would have helped.

On top of that, there was a telephone call from the fraud department of Capital One bank. Wallace had just paid the bills for Arizona Sun, the natural skin care products company he founded with Ellen 33 years ago.

Wallace contacted the Good News Network to share an extraordinary experience he had with the bank’s customer service representative, who identified herself as Chine Cmv797:Costco worker video grab-326px

Costco Customers Unite to Give Terminally-ill Employee Who Always Smiles a Vacation (WATCH)


“When I returned to the office, I called the fraud department and talked to a wonderful lady. During the course of the conversation, she said I sounded sad, so I told her about my wife’s cancer, saying it had been a horrible day. Chine (Shi-nay) expressed her thoughts and prayers, and said that a close relative of hers had passed on from cancer as well. She was so moving and caring in my hour of need. She told me she would call the accounts and make sure they knew that everything was fine.”

The following Tuesday, Bob arrived home and there on the kitchen counter was a beautiful bouquet of white roses, babies breath, and green ferns in a glass vase with a note attached. He remarked to his wife, “The white roses are very pretty! Who are they from?”


Ellen said “They are not for me, they’re for you.”

Card-from capitalone-rep-encouraging-smallHe couldn’t imagine who would send him flowers. So, he walked back in the kitchen to look for a card.

Mr. Wallace, I have confidence that the positive energy and strength you and your wife hold will guide you through this difficult time.
– Chine Cmv797, Capital One

“That someone in corporate America on the other side of the country took the time in my hour of sadness to send flowers with such a compassionate note… We were both crying,” Bob told Good News Network. “As large as Capital One is, I don’t know if she got permission or if she took it out of her own pocket, which is why I took the time to write the founder and CEO, Richard Fairbank.

He told Capital One they should be very proud that they have such an outstanding and exemplary human being in their employment.

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