snowy-tree-mequon.jpgIf you suffer from the holiday blues or know someone who does, try this free downloadable report that features expert advice on how to create meaning, peace and positive energy in your 2008 holiday season.

Year after year people complain about the over-commercialization of Christmas and how advertising puts added pressure on us to be perfect and happy. Add the global financial crisis to the mix and you’ve got a recipe for the blues.  Whatever the reasons behind why you are feeling blue, take heart and find solace in Barbara Kilikevicius’s collection of remedies.

As one of nine contributing authors, I invite people to “Try My Good News Philosophy,” which includes two annual rituals that add meaning to the end of each year and focuses us on the positive aspects of the past twelve months. For many years, I have written in December a personal list of the best achievements or actions I took, deciding on the three best things about what I did that year. The practice has provided a real lift to conclude the year and always gets me inspired for the year to come..

Barbara is passionate about putting the spirit back into Christmas. Reading her new book A Mindful Christmas, as well as the free download, Beating the Holiday Blues can help replace your feelings of anxiety, stress and commercialism, with nurturing, inner reflection and meaning.

Visit her website, for the 28-page report and to learn more about the book.

barbara-living-mindfully.jpgBarbara became a single mother with three children under the age of six. Because money was tight and she wanted to keep the true spirit of Christmas alive in her home, she created innovative ways to celebrate the season so that her children would learn to draw on its meaning rather than come to think of Christmas as just a day for receiving gifts.

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