Carin Rockind smelling the rosesHi GNN supporters,

I came across this wonderful website because I wanted to find a news site that shared more positive information. Something uplifting; rather than reading or listening to depressing, negative information. So I decided that I should search and; we all know that Google has a little bit of everything. I figured, there has to be someone out here thinking the same thing as me.

(And there was the Good News Network.)

I would also like to share a blog of mine that I started in order to share my thoughts, experiences and opinions in a positive way; for people of all ages to be inspired. I would like to be apart of the, cause and keep the positive energy flowing. I upload new information when I can. For people out there that need inspiration, I would appreciate your support.

If you would like, please visit :, share your thoughts and support. Thank you 🙂

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