American helps build hanging bridges in KenyaMore than 13 years after his parents drowned in a flash flood, David Kakuko is at the Moruny River, building a bridge that might have prevented their deaths.

The hanging footbridge will provide safe passage over the frequently flooded waterway.

“Before the bridge, there [were] so many people who lost their lives,” said Kakuko, 32. “I know, because I have no parents.”

He and other local residents work with Harmon Parker, an American and master mason who has been building bridges through Kenya’s mountainous terrain since 1997.

“I saw that building a bridge could change lives and transform communities.”

In 2003 he founded the nonprofit organization Bridging the Gap to oversees the building of bridges that not only save lives but connect isolated villagers to resources that can improve their way of life. (Donate on their website with Paypal)

WATCH the video below, or read the story at CNN Heroes


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