Karen Klein Foundation teeshirt-joyAfter receiving more than $700,000 in donations following the release of a viral video of her being viciously taunted by a group of middle school students, Karen Klein has done something positive with the money, which totaled more than enough to pay for a needed vacation.

“My story inspired more than 32,000 people to engage in their own act of love by donating to a fundraising campaign,” wrote Klein, who is now retired from the school system in Greece, New York.

“Now it is time for me to give back and to turn your single act of kindness into my own personal movement to stop bullying in America.”

She decided to take $100,000 and use it as seed money to launch the Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation.

The Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation will focus on four main initiatives.

  1. Provide Funds for anti-bullying counseling in schools across the country and around the world
  2. Create educational curriculum that will teach about Bullying and what each of us can do to stop it
  3. Support great organizations that are bringing awareness to the anti-bullying movement
  4. Develop new media assets that will serve the cause of anti-bullying

(WATCH a Foundation promo video below, and READ the story at Today.com)


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