cocoa-farmer-freetrade.jpgChocolate giant Cadbury says its Dairy Milk bars, sold in the millions, are being Fair Trade certified, yet prices will remain the same. The move is expected to double the amount of Fair Trade chocolate sold in Canada.

Fair Trade practices guarantee farmers in developing countries a reasonable payments for their crops.

Cadbury’s purchasing will improve the lives and communities of over 40,000 cocoa farmers and 6,000 sugar farmers, enough not only to support their families but to cover the costs of environmentally friendly sustainable production.

(Read more in the Toronto Star)

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(Photo from Cadbury)



  1. To say this is good news is a vast understatement. This is FABULOUS, WONDERFUL, STUPENDOUSLY good news!! I think poverty contributes to so many of the other ills in our world, so when you address poverty, the benefits have a huge effect.

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