Cambodian orphanage Place Of RescueWhen the wife of their prime minister came to their orphanage recently, all the children were thrilled when she gifted each one the equivalent of about $12 Cdn.

On Wednesday, those children handed over half the money, saying they wanted to give it to victims of the Alberta floods half a world away.

The gift totaled $900.

Founded as a Cambodian NGO in 2003, the Place of Rescue Orphanage was organized as a “safe haven for families living with AIDS, orphan children and orphan grannies and young unmarried pregnant women.” On the outskirts of Phnom Penh, surrounded by rice fields and sugar palm trees, their cement buildings and thatched huts house more than 100 orphans. The Christian-based compound also includes a rec center, a learning center, playgrounds, gardens, two granny houses and a home for pregnant abandoned young women.

(READ the Calgary Herald story in the Province)


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