Sarkozy Cameron welcomed in Bengazi - Euronews video clipDavid Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy received a hero’s welcome from Libya on Thursday as they toured Tripoli and Benghazi, the cities they decided at great political risk to liberate from the grip of Col. Gaddafi six months ago.

In Tripoli’s main hospital, doctors climbed over each other to touch them.

In Benghazi, babies were named after the French president. “Mr Cameron and Mr Sarkozy decided to save my son’s life so when he was born on March 21 we named him Sarkozy and I have brought him here today to thank them both.”

When David Cameron addressed the crowds amassed in Benghazi’s Liberation Square, they chanting in unison: “Thank You Cam-Ron; Thank You Cam-Ron”.

“Col Gaddafi said he would hunt you down like rats but you showed the courage of lions,” Mr. Cameron told the crowd.
(WATCH both videos below, or READ the story w/ video in the Telegraph)

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