Every parent can empathize with the torment of trying to help a stubborn child settle down for sleep – which is why this organization asked people about the strangest parenting methods for lulling children into dream land.

The masterminds behind Calm.com and the Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories app asked more than 2,000 American and British parents about their slumber-inducing secrets. Then, they conducted a survey on which parenting methods seemed the strangest.

46% of respondents agreed that the number one weirdest trick for lulling children to sleep is “explaining to the child the infrastructure dream of China’s leader Xi Jinping”. (LOL.)

Coming in at a close second place, 36% of parents voted on “having the child listen to a recording of a chapter from an 18th century Scottish economics book”, which is read by a really boring teacher.

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Other entries include getting the child to listen to an hour-long recording of people yawning; having the child watch a video of a crossword puzzle tournament; running a vacuum cleaner in the same room; and having the child watch “Baa Baa Land”, an 8 hour slow-motion film about sheep grazing.

What are your tips for putting your children to sleep?

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