tieAn innovative campaign by the Japanese government to encourage the nation to use less air-conditioning is called the "Cool Biz" casual clothing campaign. Politicians are ditching their suits and ties at the highest levels.

The prime Minister has pledged to discard his tie throughout the summer campaign, except when meeting foreign dignitaries. "It feels nice not having to wear a tie," he said as he emerged from his Tokyo residence dressed in a loose Okinawan-style white shirt, Kyodo News reported.


Workers in private businesses are asked to dress lightly this summer to allow for air conditioners in offices to be set no lower than 28 degrees Celsius (82.4 F).

Last year during the first Cool Biz drive, about one-third of Japanese offices said they significantly reduced the air-conditioning, which helped cut carbon dioxide emissions by 460,000 tons — the equivalent of 1 million households per month — the government said. The Japanese Wikipedia reports the campaign will save about $1B per year. But, according to some Japanese workers, the campaign does not fit well within the business culture in Japan and causes some stress for any overdressed staff. (Yahoo News)

What do you think? I’ve always believed restaurants are kept way too chilled and department stores also.


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