cop-hatKEWASKUM, Wis. — “A police chief who ticketed himself (and docked his driver’s license four points) after passing a parked school bus says that he has received congratulatory e-mails from all over the globe and that he has even turned down money to cover the fine.”

(READ the AP article in CTV)


  1. Perplexed.
    While I appreciate honesty and lawfulness, especially in a law enforcement officer, I find this story perplexing. I guess I have trouble understanding why he would write himself a ticket and dock points off of his license. Couldn’t he have just as easily let himself off with a warning? The character of a police chief should warrant at least that.

    And the quote in the article … Police officers do good things everyday

  2. My take is…
    I think he’s saying that there is only news about police departments when it is about corruption or racism. Here is some good news about cops’ behavior.

    As to giving himself a warning… You’ve made a good point!

    The last time I was pulled over for speeding, I received a warning. I was so happy, and the state trooper was the nicest guy.

    Too often they have behaved ( when pulling me over for speeding ) like absolute jerks.

    I like how I am attracting the nice ones…

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