courtroom-dog.jpgA 2-year-old yellow labrador retriever has joined the Kitsap County Prosecutor’s office as a trained canine courtroom companion whose job it is to put people at ease — both crime victims and accused criminals.

Kerris especially excels with children. She can diffuse tensions and calm families under stress, relaxing the children who have seen unspeakable things.

WATCH the video below, and READ the FULL story at Kitsap Sun



  1. Oh, that is so awesome! I hope this will the first of many such initiatives. I know animals are often taken into care homes and similar institutions to provide the same sort of thing. But what a great idea to take them into the courtroom. How about prisons? Drug and alcohol treatment centres? I know the four cats who live in my house are much more valuable than the small amount of money they cost to care for.

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