Milk dispenser serves it raw - Village Milk photo“Village Milk”, a New Zealand dairy farmer has installed a roadside milk dispenser that serves it raw.

Today is Global Food Revolution Day, which encourages steps toward a healthier lifestyle. Maybe raw milk is one alternative you might want to try.

The Golden Bay family farm, with its twenty-two cows, invested in a state of the art milk machine to sell fresh, hygienic, raw milk 24 hours a day. Customers can buy up to five liters of unpasteurized milk, and even get change.

“Pasteurization (as opposed to untreated, or raw milk) served a very valuable purpose back in the 1920’s when tuberculosis was spreading through meat and milk,” says Kiwi blog, “These days we also know that pasteurization, which involves heating the milk to 72 degrees, not only serves to kill bacteria and germs, but also the vital ingredient that’s necessary to digest lactose.”

“Many people who can’t tolerate pasteurized milk, can easily digest raw milk.”

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