This week People magazine reported that Dave Matthews‘ new son only uses reusable cloth diapers, out of consideration for the environment. “We use cloth diapers for our new baby because I think diapers might be the number three piece of garbage [in terms of environmental damage],” Matthews said at a Live Earth press conference on Saturday. His new son’s name is August Oliver Matthews. (I used cloth diapers for our first child — they were great and I felt good about it… Coincidentally, his middle name is August.)


  1. One cool thing about Dave Matthews: (from his website)

    “Dave Matthews Band allows audiotaping at almost every live performance. We feel that each show is unique and want to offer our fans the opportunity to recreate the live experience through the audio reproduction of our shows. At all taping authorized performances, tapers can tape from any ticketed seating location in the venue. Also, for many of these performances tapers are able to purchase tickets for a specially designated taper section, normally located immediately behind the soundboard. No soundboard or power feeds are provided.”

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