Title: Jason Silva on Overcoming Anxiety and Finding Flow

The Lesson: This talk is all about exploring the pain and joy of creativity – whether it’s overcoming the fear of creating art, or the ecstasy that comes from making art that you’re proud of.

Notable Excerpt: “To fully and vividly live in the present is to be acquainted with the fact that it’s expiring as we live through it. To know that time is running out, every day is a day you’ll never get back. That’s still a problem for me. That’s how intensely I love the human experience.”

The Guest: Jason Silva is an Emmy-award winning television host, motivational speaker, and filmmaker. In addition to hosting his YouTube series Shots of Awe, Silva has given hundreds of lectures on creativity, technology, innovation, mental health, and relationships. His National Geographic TV show Brain Games has been broadcasted in over 171 countries.

The Host: Tom Bilyeu is the American entrepreneur responsible for co-founding Quest Nutrition: a health food brand that has been called the second fastest growing company in North America. Additionally, he is the co-founder and host of Impact Theory: a podcast dedicated towards educating the masses about business and success.

PocastImpact Theory is available for free listening and download on iTunes and YouTube.

(LISTEN to the inspiring talk below) – Editor’s note: podcast contains mild cursing

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