dog-oil-rescue.jpgIt was a call Sheila Zachar won’t soon forget. Her friend, James Beavers, a homeless veteran living at an abandoned car wash in East Memphis, Tenn., had just rescued a German shepherd from a 6-ft. pit of oil, and desperately needed Zachar’s help getting her out of the disturbing—and messy—situation.

Earlier, Beavers had noticed a truck speeding away from the car wash, followed by the sound of a dog in distress. He couldn’t pinpoint where the wails were coming from, but as the whimpering continued, he kept up the search.

That’s when he found the 40-lb. dog struggling for her life amid oil and stagnant water.

Once Zachar arrived, they scooped up the dog and rushed her to an animal emergency care unit. Throughout it all, she remained strong.

The resilient canine is now doing much better than when she arrived, yet she still needs two or three more baths to remove the toxic oil residue from her coat.

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  1. It’s too bad they didn’t catch the monster who did this act. Thank goodness for people like James and Sheila. This is such a perfect example of the good and evil that humans are capable of. This time good won. That poor creature will love her saving angels for the rest of her life. I hope he is able to keep her or find her a good home.

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