golden retriever saves Alaska snowmobile-StateTrooperPhotoLiving in sub-zero temperatures and traveling to and from your Alaska cabin on a snowmobile is a way of life for some. It only becomes a problem when you crash violently and are left badly injured lying in ice with night falling around you.

Otis Orth is lucky that he always travels with his golden retriever. If not for her, the 52-year-old Trapper Creek resident said Tuesday, he wouldn’t be alive.

Amber stayed by his side and snuggled against him as the temperature dropped. He tried to continuously move his legs, but about midnight, he said he lost feeling.

The next day, she was able to bark at nearby snowmobiles, alerting them that something was wrong. Amber led them to the accident scene.

(READ the story in the Anchorage Daily News)

Thanks to Chelsea for submitting the link! – Photo courtesy Alaska State Troopers

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