A devoted guard dog was found last week keeping watch over a fallen canine companion who had injured herself on a set of snowy train tracks in western Ukraine.

Since their owners had reported them missing on Thursday, the loyal pup had reportedly spent two to three days protecting his friend by keeping her warm and ducking their heads every time a train went by.

The two were finally found on Christmas Day by Denis Malafeev who posted pictures of the striking friendship on Facebook. Although their rescue attempts took several tries due to the male’s viciousness in protecting his companion, she was eventually lifted off of the train tracks and taken to a veterinarian.

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“He kept her warm for two days under the constant threat of danger!” wrote Malafeev. “I don’t know what to call it: instinct, love, friendship, attachment. I only know this: not every human is capable of this. We should all learn from it!”

The dogs, apparently named Panda and Lucy, were treated for their injuries and then returned to the original owners.

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