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In a campaign to name “Dogs Who Changed The World”, Milk-Bone is scouring the globe for the most incredible pups.

Some of the pooches are hailed for their valor, like 16-year-old Bretagne, the last living 9/11 rescue dog and veteran of Hurricane Katrina (pictured above). The golden retriever is currently enjoying a well-deserved retirement after a long career.

Another loyal champion is Tillie the Irish setter who stood guard over her trapped best friend, a basset hound, for an entire week–leaving only for short bursts to try to find help.

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Some pups featured in the ongoing campaign are valued as top watch dogs for kids and teens who suffer from epilepsy seizures or disabilities. Some rescue their human families from gas leaks and fires. Others are appreciated solely for their abilities as good reading partners.

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Milk-Bone is encouraging viewers to submit stories of their own beloved canines for a chance to be featured in the series. Do you have any heroic dogs stories to share with the world? Post your stories and read more about all the featured animals on their Dogs Who Changed The World webpage.Share These Cool Canines With Your Friends

–Photo of Bretagne courtesy of BarkPost

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