2-dogs-with_owner.jpgTwo golden retrievers refused to leave the side of their Colorado owner even after 26 days, when he died in the fields having wondered away from home. Such devotion reminds us why dogs are known as Man’s Best Friend.

Click the small arrow at the bottom to watch the video, or read the report at WZZM.


  1. I had a golden retriever once & I suffered severe depression at the time I got my “Amber” (my dog). I was a very troubled person. When I watched violence on TV or watched a violent movie Amber would sit right below the TV & watched me the whole time I watched the screen. When she saw me tense up or tear up, she would come to me & sit in my lap & lick the tears away & wouldn’t get up until I showed her I was ok. So was very sad when my husband & I divorced & he had to take Amber, as where I had to go would not allow dogs. Golden retrievers are amazing, sensitive dogs! Thanks for this story. Ginger

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