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Can’t get motivated to rake leaves off your lawn? Now you have an excuse to avoid that chore — you’re saving the environment.

The National Wildlife Federation says leaving leaves where they fall helps critters in your yard and contributes to a healthy planet in general.

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Toads, turtles, and other animals eat the fallen leaves and birds use them to build nests. Caterpillars ride out the winter beneath the moist blankets to emerge as butterflies or moths in the spring.

Letting your leaves fall where they may also reduces greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.  The EPA estimates 33 million tons are dumped into landfills every autumn, accounting for 13% of America’s solid waste. Buried underground without oxygen to help them decompose naturally, leaves turn into methane gas that slowly leaks into the air.

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You can also keep leaves out of the landfill by composting them at home or using them to keep flower beds warm in the winter climates.

If you avoid the yard work of raking in the fall, you can avoid even more yard work in the spring, say some landscapers. That’s because leaves become a natural fertilizer for your lawn if you use a mulching mower to break them down. The nutrients may even cut down on pesky weeds.

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