Gravestone old-overgrown-gracey-MorguefileIn an ecologically approved “green burial,” loved ones are laid to rest without caskets on plots surrounded by trees in places like the Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery.

Green burial options have become a small but growing trend in the U.S. funeral industry, with an increasing number of funeral homes offering eco-friendly services and about 30 green cemeteries across the country.

People who choose green burials don’t use concrete vaults, traditional coffins with metalwork or any embalming chemicals. Instead, the body is wrapped in biodegradable shrouds or placed in a pine coffin and laid to rest where it can decompose and become part of the earth.

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Photo credit: gracey via Morguefile


  1. [quote name=”geri”]What’s a sky burial?[/quote]
    A Sky burial is of Himalayan -Tibetan- Nepalese origin and is a Buddhist ritual performed by Tantric Lamas of taking apart the body , cleaning the bones of flesh and mixing it with barley powder and ritualistically giving it to vultures and other carrion to eat as an offering ceremony of Impermanence and non-attachment to this realm in which we have been born (known as Samsara- the realm of suffering and delusion) .It is done in isolation high in the Himalayas away from any people including the family who pray for a beneficial rebirth of their loved ones together at the home.

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