60 years ago today, Elvis Presley recorded the Leiber and Stoller song ‘Jailhouse Rock,’ the title song of his third motion picture of the same name. ‘Jailhouse Rock’ later became the first ever song to debut at No.1 in Great Britain. (1957)

More Good News from this Day in History:

  • The U.S. doubled its size through the Louisiana Purchase paying $15 million, thanks to the vision of Thomas Jefferson (1803)
  • The ice cream cone made its debut, originally as warm dough rolled flat, as it came out of the oven still pliable (1904)
  • The New York World’s Fair opened, featuring The World of Tomorrow — a vision of the future that included television, air conditioning, refrigerators, dish washers, clothes washers and long-distance calling from videophones (1939)
  • After creating the first ever website using HTML protocols, Tim Berners-Lee and the European team at CERN announced the World Wide Web would be available free to everyone. (1993)
  • U.S. hostage Frank Reed was freed after four years in the hands of pro-Iranians (1990)
  • U.S. President Bill Clinton became the first President to visit Northern Ireland (1995)
  • Ellen DeGeneres joined the US Postal Service to unveil Animal Rescue commemorative postage stamps to bring greater attention to the cause of pet adoption within animal shelters across the U.S. (2010)