Elvis Presley Promotes Jailhouse Rock -1957


On this day 61 years ago, Elvis Presley released his singles Don’t Be Cruel and Hound Dog. The 45rpm record went to No.1 on the US chart, where it stayed for 11 weeks, a record that would not be broken for 36 years—until Boyz II Men. (1956)

MORE Good News on This Day:

  • The Peace protocol to end the Spanish-American War was signed (1898)
  • The Wizard of Oz film starring Judy Garland was first previewed in two test markets – Kenosha, Wisconsin and Cape Cod, Massachusetts (1939)
  • The first communications satellite, Echo I, was launched, and the following day the first two-way telephone conversation by satellite took place with microwave signals bouncing from one point on Earth to another (1960)
  • Japan and China signed Treaty of Peace and Friendship (1978)
  • Space Shuttle Enterprise passed its first solo flight test by taking off atop a Boeing 747, separating and then landing in California’s Mojave Desert (1977)
  • Swiss banks agreed to pay $1.25 billion as restitution to Holocaust survivors to settle claims for their assets (1998)

trex dinosaur-Sue_skeleton-CC-Connie Ma

And on this day in 1990, the most complete and best preserved skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex was found in South Dakota, and named ‘Sue’, for the paleontologist, Sue Hendrickson, who made the discovery. The fossil was in 1997 for $7.6 million, the highest amount ever paid for a dinosaur fossil, and is now a permanent feature at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, Illinois. –Photo credit: Connie Ma, CC