40 years ago today NASA launched Voyager 2 towards Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus & Neptune. It is the only spacecraft to have visited either of the latter two ice giants. Voyager 2 is still in operation, studying the outer reaches of the Solar System and has been operating for 39 years, 11 months and 31 days. The U.S. remains in contact with the mission through the Deep Space Network operated in cooperation with Australia and Spain. WATCH a NASA 40th Anniversary video… (1977)

RECENTNASA Wants to Send Your Uplifting Message to Voyager, the Most Distant Spacecraft Ever

MORE Good News On This Day

  • Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture debuted in Moscow (1882)
  • Led Zeppelin singer-songwriter Robert Plant was born–and turns 69 today (1948)
  • Senegal broke from the Mali federation and declared independence (1960)
  • US President Lyndon Johnson signed a nearly $1 billion anti-poverty measure (1964)
  • After rounds of negotiations in Norway, the Oslo Peace Accords were signed (1993)



On this day in 1940, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill paid tribute to the Royal Air Force, famously saying, “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few,” when pilots were fighting the Battle of Britain, the pivotal air battle with the German Luftwaffe as Britain marshaled forces against a Nazi invasion.

Estonian Flag


On this day in 1991, Estonia reclaimed independence after being occupied by the Soviet military for over 50 years. Did you know the renown video conferencing software Skype was created by Estonian developers and is mainly developed in that country?

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