Good News in History September 13

Good News in History September 13


100 years ago today, the Welsh-born author, fighter pilot, and medical pioneer Roald Dahl was born. Renown for such children’s classics as Matilda, his popular stories, including The Witches, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, The BFG, and Fantastic Mr. Fox, have each been made into feature films. Beyond his more than 30 books, did you know about Dahl’s pivotal role in several medical advancements? (1916)

LEARN more in today’s Featured Story about Dahl’s amazing and little known foray into finding solutions to several medical problems, which he developed after health issues arose in his family…

(WATCH the 2016 BBC Documentary below—The Marvellous World of Roald Dahl)

MORE Good News on this Day:

  • Lawyer Francis Scott Key wrote the poem, The Star-Spangled Banner, while watching the bombardment of Fort McHenry and negotiating the release of US prisoners during the War of 1812 aboard a British ship (1814)
  • The Federal Communications Act in the USA was amended to outlaw payola– the practice of cash payments or gifts given in exchange for airplay of records (1960)
  • Nintendo released its smash-hit video game Super Mario Bros. (1985)
  • The largest anti-Apartheid march in South Africa was led by Desmond Tutu (1989)
  • Israel’s Yitzhak Rabin and PLO leader Yasser Arafat shook hands at White House after signing of the Oslo peace accords – the first handshake in public between the two former arch enemies (1993)
  • The Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly  (2007)


Today is also Grandparents Day in America, a day to honor the elderly population and express gratitude and love for your grandparents. In 1979, the day was officially proclaimed by President Carter, after decades of lobbying from two distinct people, Jacob Reingold and Marian McQuade, the West Virginia woman who persuaded her state to become the first one to celebrate elders with a special day… Photo by Sun Star