On this day 160 years ago, the great American President Theodore Roosevelt was born. A writer and conservationist, during his 8-year term in office (1901–1909), he became a driving force for the Progressive Era in America. Once a sickly child with debilitating asthma, he overcame his physical health problems by embracing a strenuous lifestyle, and his determined face would be chiseled onto Mount Rushmore decades later. WATCH a short bio… (1858)

He was the youngest person to become president (at age 42), and campaigned with a promise to restore fairness to the average citizen—by breaking up trusts, regulating railroads, and providing consumer protection with pure food and drugs.

Making conservation a top priority, Roosevelt established many new national parks, forests, and monuments intended to preserve the nation’s natural resources. In foreign policy, his successful efforts to broker the end of the Russo-Japanese War won him the 1906 Nobel Peace Prize.

More Good News on this Date:

  • The city of Amsterdam was founded (1275)
  • Philadelphia was founded (1682)
  • The first of the Federalist Papers, a series of essays calling for ratification of the U.S. Constitution, was published in a New York newspaper (1787)
  • The first New York City Subway line opened (1904)
  • Egypt’s Sadat and Israel’s Begin won the Nobel Peace Prize (1978)
  • Turkmenistan achieved independence from the Soviet Union (1991)
  • The Curse of the Bambino ended as the Boston Red Sox swept four games to win the World Series, their first Major League Baseball championship in 86 years (2004)

Happy Birthday to John Cleese who turns 78 today. While studying law at Cambridge, he joined the theater club because he could “make people laugh.”

Photo by Paul Boxley, CC license

There, he met his future writing partner Graham Chapman. Within four years they met the other collaborators who formed Monty Python. The sketch comedy troupe’s Flying Circus television show ran for 4 seasons and became an instant classic, leading to four feature films. Cleese also wrote books, and movies, including A Fish Called Wanda, the movie that garnered Kevin Kline an Oscar.

In recent years, he wrote an autobiography, “So, Anyway”. (WATCH a 2015 interview —CBS only allows people in American to view their YouTube videos, so see it on their website, here


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